En-Vision is based in the UK and was founded in early 2005 by Paul Reed.

Since then the company has built upon expertise in Environmental Management Systems and Emissions Verification to develop further in the fields of Corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV). The company currently works with large multi nationals, National and Sub National Governments, IFIs, DoEs, accredited verification bodies, oil majors, energy, utilities and other larger emitting industrial organisations.

Principal Consultant and Managing Director, Paul Reed, specialises in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions monitoring, reporting and verification and in management systems development. His background is as an oilfield geologist and then as an environmental consultant and environmental auditor.

Paul has over 16 years experience in GHG management and was involved in the development and implementation of the first emissions trading schemes and corporate GHG monitoring and reporting systems. He also works as a contract Lead Verifier for the EU Emissions Trading scheme providing expert verification services to a number of accredited verification organisations.

He has experience in regulated and voluntary emissions markets with a variety of larger and multi-national organisations. Paul also is experienced as a tutor developing and delivering En-Vision training throughout the world. Over 1000 delegates have successfully participated in capacity building activities developed and delivered by Paul and En-Vision.

Sven Starckx
Associate Consultant

Sven is experienced in a range of international climate change services including EU ETS and CDM/JI related work and as an environmental trainer. He has worked as Project Manager for many CDM/JI and corporate GHG inventory projects (ISO14064, WBCSD GHG protocol, CSI) for several multinationals (HSBC, Titan, CRH, KIA Motors, Hess Corporation, Shell). Sven holds a degree in chemical engineering and a Masters in Environmental Studies (University Ghent, Belgium). He is based in Antwerp, Belgium and is a fluent in English, Dutch and French.

Paul Reed
Senior Consultant/Managing Director

Paul Reed is Managing Director of En-Vision and a Senior Specialist in all aspects of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV). Within this field he has worked in emissions trading, corporate compliance systems and inventory development, capacity building and institutional strengthening. He has been actively engaged in these types of projects for more than 12 years working with large multi nationals, National and Sub National Governments, IFIs, DoEs, accredited verification bodies, oil majors, energy and other utilities and other larger emitting industrial organisations.

Paul's experience offers insights into the design and operation of carbon markets, emissions trading systems, national and corporate emissions reporting and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs). He is also accomplished in the development and delivery of GHG competence building programs specifically with regard compliance and MRV provisions of UNFCCC, IPPC, EU ETS and ISO 14064:1, 2, 3. This includes the development and delivery of more than thirty GHG courses and training programs to individuals, companies and government agencies.

Paul's technical assistance and consultancy projects have been to similar client groups in a variety of sectors requiring GHG project and inventory advice using methodologies from IPPC, CDM, WRI and EU ETS.

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