En-Vision is a bespoke environmental consultancy providing specialist expertise in all aspects of greenhouse gas monitoring, reporting and verification (GHG MRV).

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We work throughout the world  for corporations and governments building capacity and delivery services for the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions.

With a wealth of experience across a broad range of global economic sectors, En-Vision experts offer valuable expertise and insight to drive and deliver compliance strategies and performance improvement objectives for emissions trading schemes, GHG inventories and corporate carbon footprint.

En-Vision consultants each have with more than 15 years experience of GHG monitoring, reporting and verification for a variety of corporate and government clients in a number of core areas:

  1. Development and implementation of GHG MRV systems for corporate clients making GHG disclosures either voluntarily or as part of EU emissions trading system (EU ETS).
  2. Development and delivery of MRV capacity building programmes for corporate and government clients.
  3. Verification (3rd party) of emissions reports in EU ETS for accredited verification bodies.
  4. Second party audit of corporate GHG emissions reporting systems and data.



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